My Book


Written in 2011 in response to so many comments like "I hope you've put all this information in writing", my book is something of an accidental success.  Early that year, Warner Leisure decided that the Entertainment Team could conduct tours of the old house, so after four years I was effectively made redundant.  Sitting at home twiddling my thumbs, I recalled those comments, and decided I really should write it down. 

It was not that difficult, since I had made copious notes in my family tree software whilst researching the families who lived at Littlecote, so all the key people had reams of notes attached to them.  The hard part was knowing what to put in and what to leave out.  It was inevitable that the book would read like it was written by a tour guide and genealogist - part tour of the house and part family tree.  I make my excuses in the introduction!

After about nine months, I had something which resembled a book, but it was not the kind of thing that would appeal to a publisher, so I set about  finding a printer who would get my efforts into book form in the way I wanted.  It had to be an attractive book that people would want to own, and it had to have a quality look and feel, so I specified silk paper and gloss laminate.  I also wanted it to be a colouful book, with lots of colour photos and family trees.  Step up inkylittlefingers in Gloucester.  That all came at a cost, and when I finally ordered the first 50 copies, I was terrfied that they would not sell and I'd be stuck with them.   Book sales are now booming, but the best bit was that having shown a copy to the Littlecote management, I was invited back to take over the tours again.

So how do you get a copy of the book and what will it cost?  A mere £13 for a glossy, A4-size book with 138 pages, lavishly illustrated in full colour, as they say.  If you are at Littlecote House on a Tuesday, you could join one of my historic house tours, and get a signed copy.   My book is also available in the Littlecote shop.

If you would like a copy of the book sent to you, it will cost an extra £3 for post and packing (UK).  Send your cheque to me at 40 Tower Road, Peatmoor, Swindon SN5 5BG (don't forget to include your full postal address) or get in touch via the contact page on the website if you would prefer to use PayPal or bank transfer.